Keynote Speakers

The following keynote speakers have confirmed the participation:

  • Giorgio Spada, Universita’ di Urbino, Italy.  Topic: Modeling post-glacial deformation in the Mediterranean coasts
  • Hasan Z. Abidin – Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia. Topic: Disaster risk reduction of land subsidence in Jakarta
  • Robert Nicholls – University of Southampton, UK – Topic: Coastal land subsidence versus sea level rise
  • Aljosja Hooijer – Deltares, The Netherlands – Topic: Land subsidence and flooding in the Rajang Delta peatlands, Sarawak, Malaysia
  • J.P.M. Syvitski – University of Colorado-Boulder – Topic: Land subsidence in deltaic areas
  • Alice Pozzoli– eni S.p.A., Italy- Topic: New methodologies in monioring in-land and off-shore coastal land subsidence